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Aug 20, 2021

In this podcast we chat with Fernando Rodríguez de Rivera, of the fabulous Bodegas PradoRey farm and vineyard in Ribero del Duero.

PradoRey (Kings Meadow) is the largest estate in the north of Spain - 7km stretch of the Duero river; 520 hectares of vineyard; a hydroelectric dam that dates back to 1858; a dairy farm with 800 Friesian cows; a flock of 1800 Churra sheep; a 3hectare solar panel farm; a 17th century 18 room palace for tourist accomodation and a 16th century chapel. This is mega.

The wines are equally impressive!  

Ribero del Duero is a fascinating wine producing region. It is high - vineyards might be 1000m asl!

This gives the region harsh and tough winters but also spectacular diurnal shifts during the warm summers. And these are Good! The local Tempranillo grape has a small berry and is referred to as Tinto Fino. 90% of the DO is planted to this grape. The resulting wines are big, bold, age worthy and distinctly food friendly.

PradoRey  is imported to Ireland by Classic Drinks.