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Jul 28, 2021

Nugan Estates is a winery based in New South Wales in Australia. It is the 13th largest exporter of branded wines in Australia, a top 20 wine producer and whose wines are imported directly to Ireland by the Musgrave Group. As such the Nugan labels are widely available through SuperValu and Centra stores.

In this podcast 3rd generation Matthew Nugan brings us on a journey. Along the way we explore his family's quite brilliant history as farmers all the way to where they have become one of Australia's most successful wine producers.

Matthew (above) with winemaker Daren Owers. They won the Wine and Spirits magazine's 2021 Star of Australia and Star Design for their Scruffy’s Shiraz.

The range of labels available from Nugan is extensive and impressive. The Nugan Web Site is a trove of information while the Supervalu/Centra shelves are a willing source of the treasure it tells us to explore!