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Aug 9, 2021

LUXARDO is a name that I have always associated with beautifully crafted spirits of the highest quality. 


The family has just celebrated its 200th anniversary of being in business. We are honoured to have been joined in this podcast by the Luxardo cousins, Nicolò and Matteo.


The family history is peppered with difficulty and war torn strife. There can be very few companies that have had to see their entire operation completely destroyed by war - then, with extraordinary determination succesfully rebuilt, brick by brick and cherry tree by cherry tree.

Original Maraschino Cherries are mouth wateringly exceptional. It's a taste that is impossible to forget. The LUXARDO MARASCA cherry is a unique cultivar grown across the north East of Italy. Each tree is overseen by the Luxardo's. 

The Luxardo range is fleshed out by brilliant products such as Limoncello, Sambuca, Triple Sec, Gin and others. None disappoint. Cocktails just aren't the same without a Luxardo present. Have a look at the Luxardo 200th to see cocktails in action!

Luxardo advert from 1828