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Mar 10, 2022

Laura Catena is one of my all time favourites in the world of wine. Her bio is well told HERE and worth reading into. Her father Nicolas is the most decorated wine maker to ever make a living from wine in Argentina and South America. The wines from Catena Zapata are magnificent. While these have all held my esteem for Laura for quite a few years now they only tell half the story.

What I really admire about Laura Catena is her continual and real engagement with her audience. She doesn't need to. Besides all the above she also has a family and a life outside of wine! And yet, she still perseveres to be accessable and wondrously interesting. She writes great wine books. 

The three wine books that Laura Catena has written are pride of place among the many hundreds that I have. Why? Becuse they are completely from the heart, brave and honest. They tell me a lot more than simple facts. They allow me to enter into the lives, ideas and inspirations behind some of the finest wines made in the world.   


Laura's latest book, in collaboration with Alejandro Vigil, is 'Malbec Mon Amour'. Her previous titles are  'Vino Argentino' and 'Gold in the Vineyards'. Alejandro is a director of the Catena Institute of Wine, Chief winemaker at Catena Zapata and by training a celebrated soil scientist.

'Malbec mon amour' draws heavily on the ground breaking work that the Catena Institute of Wine has undertaken since its formation in  the 1990's. This work has brought us the most extensive study of the Malbec grape, and its relationship to its terroir, ever undertaken. Published in both Food Chemistry and the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture it effectively gives a scientific proof to the existence of terroir to vines over time.  

In this podcast Laura Catena brings all of this and more to us. Enjoy.

The wines of Catena Zapata are distributed across Ireland by Cassidy Wines. A previous podcast of ours dealt with the wines of Catena Zapata, The Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard: one of the Finest in the World. Our guest at that time was Pedro San Martin of Bodega Catena Zapata.