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Dec 31, 2021

Last year Zoe Lengjak brought us, in her words, 'truly special, exclusive, natural and independent Grower Champagnes from the rarest terroir to Ireland's shores'.

Read all about it here at

As it happens she also brought herself as a fabulous addition to the palate that makes up the wine trade in Ireland.  Zoe's experience within the region of Champagne is exceptional. We are genuinely lucky to have her here. 

In this podcast we are introduced to the world of Grower Champagnes. This is where family's grow their grapes and make their wine to the very highest standards. The quality is quite brilliant. 

If I wanted to make statement with my wine list I'd Champion a Grower Champagne. If I wanted to impress with a gift I'd choose a Grower Champagne from Zoe's list. If I was wondering what my New Year Resolution was going to be I'd include the idea that in 2022 I'll have a look at the Champagnes that Zoe imports!


Enjoy the podcast and to you all

a Very Happy New Year.