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Feb 19, 2020

At the recent SuperValu Spanish Wine Sale Wine Fair I met up with Bernardo Hualde from Gonzalez Byass. Our 'studio' was a piece of a corridor. Thanks for putting up with me Bernardo!!

In my head when I hear the name Gonzalez Byass I still think 'Sherry and only Sherry'. I also think Top Class, Quality and Tio Pepe

Image shows wine journalist Leslie Williams attempting to hone his Tio Pepe venenciador skills at the SuperValu Spanish Wine Fair. 

Nothing wrong with this other than its 'old thinking' and way behind the cue ball! Today Gonzalez Byass is, of course, Gonzalez Byass Sherries but IS ALSO the owner of a host of additional wineries both in Spain and abroad. See HERE for the full list that includes incredible names as Jackson Estates, Domain Wachau and Neil Ellis.

In this podcast Bernardo focuses on the Gonzalez Byass wines that are available at this SuperValu Sale. They include a fabulous Gewurztraminer from Vinas del Vero in Somontano and an intriguing ACE Kicker Big Bet Blend from Tierra de Castilla.

Along the way Bernardo also guides us through Gonzalez Byass Sherries - sure we wouldn't have it any other way!


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