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Oct 21, 2020

In this podcast Francesco Ricasoli corrects me with my pronounciation of his surname and the fact that vineyards around Brolio were not destroyed in WW2 - Isn't this what a proper chat is all about!!

Brolio Castle at the heart of the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany is surrounded by vineyards that can best be described as the beating heart of Italian wine. This is where the Ricasoli family have been making news and wine since 1171. 

News? Well, in 1872 Baron Bettino Ricasoli originated the formula for Chianti wine, now called Chianti Classico. While this has long since been discarded as a formula it was an extraordinary innovation for its time.

Francesco Ricasoli, current owner and President of the company, has generated new ideas and concepts to render his vineyards sustainable. An ongoing study of soil types and a clonal selection of the Brolio Sangiovese are among his greatest passions. Francesco has totally renovated the vineyards and completely mapped them. 

Wines? Attention to detail pays off for Ricasoli as every wine with his name attached to it is exceptional. In this podcast we hear how this is achieved and what lies in store for Chianti Classico one of the greatest wine regions in the world.  Enjoy.

Ricasoli wines are distributed in Ireland by Cassidy Wines.

This is a Zoom Interview podcast.


While all restaurants in Ireland were closed until recently many reopened only to have to close again! We should remember that many of these, including the wonderful Monty's of Kathmandu, are family businesses. They are often small and brilliant and need our support more than ever. This is a very, very difficult time for restaurants across Ireland. Keep Safe and Keep well. 

Kevin Ecock's WinePod is brought to us with the assistance of the Santa Rita Wine Room at Monty's of Kathmandu - an excellent place to host events and celebrations. One day, hopefully soon, this will once again be available to us all.  

Contact Shiva at 01 -6704911 or HERE at the Santa Rita Wine Room web page.