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Oct 29, 2019

David Gleave MW set up and runs Liberty Wines. Whenever Liberty has a tasting there he is, welcoming and helpful.

Liberty Wines' portfolio tastings are among the best attended in the wine trade. They are shoulder to shoulder filled with industry professionals quite a few of whom are young, energetic, curious, knowledgeable and the future of our trade. Once a year they are also attended by more wine producers than attend any other trade tasting in the calendar.

The Liberty Wines web site tells us they have won, 

IWC Merchant of the Year 2018, 11-times winner IWC On-Trade Supplier of the Year, four-times winner IWC Wine Educator of the Year, 18-times winner IWC Italy Specialist Merchant of the Year and more


The WinePod caught up with David at a recent Liberty tasting in Dublin. The background hum and atmosphere is all part of the event!

We began with how a future Master of Wine and trade industry leader began his career by landing a job in a bar in Dublin that just happened to have a fabulous wine list. 

This is a great story and proves that the wine industry is open to everyone who wants to enter. We might not reach the heights that David Gleave has but the opportunity is there to take hold of. Enjoy.


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