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Feb 14, 2020

Casa Santos Lima is a big player in the world of wines in Portugal. It is also a family owned and run company.

The company and its ancestral vineyards are situated near Lisbon. The wines that they produce today straddle the entire country and include regions such as the Douro, Algarve, Alentejo and Vinho Verde.

Four generations of the Santos Lima family has been making wine from just north of Lisbon and today accounts for 40% of all wines in that region!

Access to fruit from across so many vineyards in Portugal allows Casa Santos Lima to produce a great variety of unique wine styles.

In this Podcast Sebastiao Garcia Export Manager at Casa Santos Lima tells us all about this fascinating company and its wines. Along the way he tells us of the delights we will miss out on if don't explore Portugal and its wines!

Portugal is one of the truly great wine producing nations. It has a unique collection of grapes and this allows it to produce a unique collection of the most fascinating wines available to us. At the heart of this is Casa Santos Lima. Enjoy the story. 

The wines of Casa Santos Lima are distributed in Ireland by Classic Drinks.


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