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Apr 28, 2020

De Loach is one of the very great wines from the Sonoma Valley in California. In this podcast Director of Wine at de Loach, Brian Maloney, talks to us about growing up on a farm in Sonoma, joining the wine trade and ultimately, under the stewardship of the Boisset family, becoming one of the foremost authorities on winemaking across the region.

Brian tells us about how he brings out the best from Zinfandel, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (and then mentions Ribolla Gialla!) His wines are soft, generous, crisp and characterful. They reflect terroir and Brians skills, can be drunk young and age well.  

As with all of our podcast these days we recorded this via Zoom and our trusty H6 recorder. Thanks to Liberty Wines Ireland for their help in making this magic happen.


While all restaurants in Ireland are closed right now they WILL open again. We all hope that this is soon. We should remember that many of these, including the wonderful Monty's of Kathmandu, are family businesses. They are often small and brilliant and when they do reopen they will need our support more than ever. Keep Safe and Keep well. 

Kevin Ecock's WinePod is brought to us with the assistance of the Santa Rita Wine Room at Monty's of Kathmandu - an excellent place to host your next event or celebration.

Contact Shiva at 01 -6704911 or HERE at the Santa Rita Wine Room web page.