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Jan 18, 2021

BODEGA 695 was launched this year. It's an online wine shop with a difference.  In this episode we chat with Ed Jolliffe, sommelier and one of the 'brains behind the portal'.

Rest assured, if you join up to the BODEGA 695 through its BODEGA 695 Club you will receive the very best of quality information and advice. Ed knows his wines! We learn here why his business card carries the quote, 'The Finest Wines Available to Humanity ... We Want Them and We Want Them Now'. 

What separates BODEGA 695 from other sites is the exclusive nature of its wines. They trade in premium labels not easily available elsewhere   ....    and the wines are very, very good.

Take as examples: Floresta Field Blend Blanco or the red Bougainville Petite Syrah from Santa Rita: a magnum of the Contino Rioja Reserva 2015 or Elegance Rose from Clos Cantenac in Bordeaux. These are just a few examples of how rich a bounty BODEGA 695 has on sale. 

Enjoy the podcast!


While all restaurants in Ireland were closed until recently many reopened. That was great news - Open Again. Then we heard that they had to close once more - on Chrstmas Eve. Tough times, Tough times indeed. Here's hoping for a more succesful business environment in 2021.

We should remember that many of these, including the wonderful Monty's of Kathmandu, are family businesses. They are often small and brilliant and need our support more than ever. Keep Safe and Keep well. 

Kevin Ecock's WinePod is brought to us with the assistance of the Santa Rita Wine Room at Monty's of Kathmandu - an excellent place to host your next event or celebration.

Contact Shiva at 01 -6704911 or HERE at the Santa Rita Wine Room web page.