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Oct 28, 2021

Welcome to the first podcast in our 6 part mini series of premium and super permium wines in the  E&J Gallo portfolio. These wines are brilliant.

Beth Liston is Director of Winemaking for the E&J Gallo Dark Horse label situated in the central valley of California.  These are wines that are widely available at affordable price points - they deliver fabulous fruit!

Dark Horse is a label that has been developed so that we can enjoy, on a regular basis, quality fruit from California. Along the way its winemaker has forged ahead with some highly innovative techniques that give Dark Horse a distinct edge above its rivals. 

In this podcast Beth allows us to explore a world of winemaking where experimentation and imagination are allowed to play part. Fabulous processes have resulted in wines born out of co-fermenting different grapes together, dry rosé from Californian grapes grown specifically to make rosé wines, Malbec with a dash of Petit Verdot  ......

This is a great podcast and I reckon we can hear Beth smiling her way through it! 


The next podcast in this series will follow in mid Novenber when we chat with Jim Collins - Vice President of Vineyard Management at E&J Gallo.