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Jun 10, 2021

When I visited Vasse Felix way back in 2010 I was bowled over by the quality of its wines.

At the heart of this story was its  chief winemaker Virginia Willcox. If anyone dares to say that there are no winemakers around who can instil their sheer fabulous enthusiasm, extreme dedication and insane ability into their wine year after year after year after .... then they have yet to meet Virginia!

Vasse Felix is the founding winery of the unique area that is the Margaret River in Western Australia. South of Perth this is a wine making region that is truly alone in the world. It is also a region that everyone interested in wine, everyone that likes wine and everyone with even a hint of curiosity of what might make one wine more brilliant than another needs to know about. The Margaret River, its wines and Vasse Felix are unique in the world of wine.

This is a powerful story, told by an amazing winemaker who brings us wines to dazzle.

Vasse Felix is imported to Ireland by Cassidy Wines