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May 29, 2019

I was fortunate to be invited by BWG(Spar, Londis, Mace, Eurospar) to visit the Poggio al Casone vineyard in Tuscany.

We arrived at a resort of the highest quality nestled into the middle of some of the prettiest organic vineyards in Italy!

For two days Piergiorgio Castellani instructed us into how his family have developed very high quality wine estates to make top class wines. 

A Castellani labelled wine can be trusted to deliver. These are people who really understand Sangiovese and have a vision as to where they would like to bring it.

Organic viticulture is now central to everything Castellani does. So is high tech! Drones, GPS and indeed robots delivering pheronomes to the vines! Its all here.

Many thanks to BWG for this opportunity and a genuine thank you to PierGiorgio for his patience and interest.    

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