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Sep 11, 2019

Twenty years ago the wine scene in Ireland was, with one exception, well established. The missing element was a Wine Bar.

When it opened the Ely Wine Bar at Ely Place in Dublin 2 revolutionized our awareness of wine, how we drink wine on a night out and, importantly, how a range of wines might be served 'by the glass'. 

Indeed, it was super to find wines that weren't oxidized served in grubby paris goblets by publicans who really didn't want to know anything about wine at all!

Erik and Michelle Robson opened the Ely with no guarantee of success whatsoever. There were some tough times ahead.

Today the Ely operates out of number of engaging outlets, is highly respected and runs some of the most important wine events in the Irish calendar.

In this podcast Erik brings us through the years of developing the Ely Experience. Enjoy.  


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