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Jul 14, 2021

In this episode I chat with Chris Gifford who set up The Allotment Wine Company last year. Yes, right in the middle of our Covid lockdowns! Brave or Bonkers? Let Chris explain himself all the way from how to get into the wine trade, how to stay in it and how to set up an online wine store. Great story. 


Chris has been in our trade for quite a long time. Many will know him from his time in retail all the way from the ground breaking McCabes on Mt Merrion Ave to the excellent, 'The Corkscrew' on Chatham Street in Dublin. He is well educated with his WSET credentials and knows a good wine when he tastes one.

The Allotment Wine Co sells to a private client base and via an online portal. Online Wine Sales is an area that I am always interested in hearing about. It is also an area of growth across the world of wine these days.

So, what better place to talk about growth than down at your new, and friendly, Allotment.