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Mar 10, 2020

The WinePod recently met up with Jenna Bruwer of Springfield Estate - one of our MOST favourite wine estates in the whole world! Why? Honesty.

Springfield is in Robertson, South Africa. The Bruwer family has been running the Estate quite simply for a very, very long time. 

In this podcast Jenna tells us how they make their wines and why they are unique. It's amazing, for instance, to see how different the two Sauvignon Blanc wines (Life from Stone and Special Cuvee) are and then find that their grapes are grown so close to each other.

It's equally fascinating to hear that the family loses the odd vintage completely as they focus on being natural wine makers - sometimes it just doesn't work!! Bonkers or Brilliance?

Enjoy this podcast and have a look out for Springfield Estate wines at a store or restaurant near you. In Ireland the wines are distributed by Classic Drinks.    


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