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May 13, 2019

Leading Irish grocer Dunnes Stores recently brought in a range of white wines from the Reine Pedauque stable in Burgundy. In this podcast Savinien Legelaux from Reine Pedauque guides us through the delights of the label and of Burgundy itself. 

Wine, Food and Passion. Enjoy

Burgundy is a place in Eastern France where magic happens! With just two principle (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) and two minor grapes (Aligote and Gamay) winemakers manage to make extremely fine wines.

We need to bear in mind that Burgundy is quite long and very narrow. Its vineyards are cooler in the north than the south and cross over a multitude of slope types each sitting on top of a wild assortment of fractured geologies.

Over the years the vineyards of Burgundy have been analysed and divided into smaller and smaller of Appellations. 

Does all of this confuse us? Not a bit of it - so long as we get to taste wines from the region at an affordable price. Thanks Savinien.