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May 23, 2019

In this episode Duncan Browne guides us through the world of the absolutely fabulous Gusbourne English Sparkling Wine

I don't usually use the phrase ' off the charts' with respect to high quality in wine - mainly because its actually quite a rare thing! Nevertheless, that's exactly what I thought on each of the three occasions I had to taste these wines. 

The Gusbourne vineyards are in Kent. They don't hold back with their ambition. its goes,'Our Vision is Simple. We Strive to Create the Finest Wines in the World'. 

Today the wines of Gusbourne are carried by more Michelin starred restaurants around the world than I have the time to list here! The Vision would seem to be working. The vineyards are immaculate. The wines are very impressive.

Listen here to Duncan as to how this impressive venture was born, why Kent and what is produced. It's a great story and really well told. 

Sorry about the background 'atmosphere'! But it was a great launch  ...