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Apr 11, 2022

Tea Tasting is very like Wine Tasting. Bouquet, Aroma, Palate Structure, Length, Fruit/Berry Intensity, Weight and so on. Try it some day. Focus into the sensations that Tea brings to the senses. Then add a Sparkle!

This podcast with Jacob Kocemba explains all! 

Award winning Sommelier, Jacob Kocemba, brought his first Sparkling Tea to the market in 2017. It was a sensation and represented years of meticulous research into developing a product that answered a need. 

Jacob (left) with his business partner Bo Sten Hanson 

The 'Need' began when Jacob was working at a top Michelin starred restaurant. He found that that even the though the wine cellar at his disposal had as many as 1700 wines none were entirely suitable for matching with a particular suite of desserts.

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea answered the call. It is quite simply fabulously innovative, brilliantly produced/packaged and a genuinely enjoyable product to savour and to drink.

The product comes in five styles. Each has a unique blend of 13 different black, green, white and oolong organic teas (Silver Needle, First Flush Darjeeling and others). Each is finely and gently flavoured  with among others Habiscus, Lemon Grass and Jasmin.

Three of the Sparkling Teas are at 5%abv (Gron, Rod and Vinter) with the remaining two (Bla and Lyserod)at 0%abv. Today Copenhagen Sparkling Teas are offered at over 70 Michelin starred restaurants across 35 countries. 

This is a fabulous success story and a great podcast. Enjoy. 

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea is represented and distributed in Ireland by Richmond Marketing.