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Apr 23, 2019

Bibendum is one of the very best distributors of wine across the UK. Historically Gilbeys was THE best of the best in Ireland. As with everything time and economic developments have a habit of showing us that being the best is never an end in itself! Everyone these days, it seems, has to keep moving, developing and changing.

This month Bibendum launched a fascinating tie up with Gilbeys hereinafter (and forever?) to be called 'Gilbeys with Bibendum'. 

The new venture will allow Gilbeys to introduce a very wide range of wines and wine styles into Ireland with relative ease and little fuss.

Michael Saunders is CEO and founding member of Bibendum. He chats here with the WinePod about how he began Bibendum and more importantly what he sees the tie up with Gilbeys will bring to Ireland.

Great to see that our brand leader in Ireland Santa Rita is already handled by both Bibendum and Gilbeys.

As part of the launch WinePod couldn't resist having a chat with Lenz Moser from Austria about his work with Chateau Changyu Moser XV winery in China. He was showing both a red AND a white Cabernet Sauvignon from China - and they are very good indeed!

Finally we also spent a few minutes with Maria Otero of Adegas Galegas in Spain - how can we resist the wines of Galicia - ah, the grapes of Godello, Mencia and Albarino!! 

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