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Nov 26, 2019

Robb Wines invited me to a tasting of the wines of Ben Glaetzer recently. Fabulous I said. A wine legend that I had never met and whose wines from the Barossa had never crossed my lips! Perversely I knew the 'Heartland' wines from the lesser known region of Langhorne Creek south of Adelaide. Such are the vagaries of wine distribution! Ben had decided in the 1990's that Langhorne Creek fruit had fabulous potential. He has, with partner Nick Keukenmeester, achieved this. Heartland wines are so accessible that its web site statement rings true every time I read it, 'You can Taste it From Where You are'.    

I arranged a half an hour podcast. Brilliant. Homework done on the Glaetzer Wines (only) I headed to the venue. (Excellent by the way - Milltown Golf Club). 

My first introduction was to Nick! Great. I only had two mikes - one for me and one for Ben. ….  I had no idea that Nick would be there also. Hold on. It's Bonus Time for the podcast .....

The Glaetzer Wines hold within their bottles the very soul of Barossa Shiraz. They are low intervention wines made from grapes grown on very old vines (up to 110 years old!) in the Ebenezer area of the northern Barossa. In this podcast Ben explains the styles and love behind his extraordinary labels. In addition, both Ben and Nick bring the Langhorne Creek Heartland Wines alive for us. It really is a secret and almost hidden region that needs to be one no longer!  

Thanks to both Ben Glaetzer and to Nick Keukenmeester for the time, energy and wines. It was fabulous meeting you both. Your wines are magnificent.  Thanks to Robb Wines for the event and distribution of these wines. 


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