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Jul 8, 2019

There is nothing quite like a new venue for a Wine Fair.

Loads of Light, Began Early, Great Wines.  

Last month the WinePod dropped in on the Classic Drinks' Summer Wine Fair here in Dublin. It was aptly and imaginatively titled,

'New, Pink, Bubbles'

and held at the really must see revamped Cafe en Seine on Dawson Street. 

We recorded a number of the wineries that were present. First up we asked Hugh Murray, Classic Drinks' Sales Director, what the Fair was all about. 

Hugh was followed by Champagne Pannier, Stonewell Cider from Cork, Domaine Montrose from the Languedoc, Prado Rey from Ribera del Duero and finally by the wonderful Bisol from Prosecco.

Wonderful properties producing wonderful wines.

Something for everyone in this podcast!